Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beach Therapy

I crave the smell of the warm sea breeze, the sound of crashing waves and the soft sand, squishing it between my toes. YES guys I missed the beach a lot! Sometimes all we need is a “heat” to make the relationships more warmer. You know what, just like a beach, we should feel relax about it. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild water.” You can never have too much beach, yes?!

Sweatshirt : H&M || Jeans : Gap || Beaded Belt : Isabel Marant

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Carven : Carefree Parisian Attitude

Saya percaya semua cowok rata-rata suka bergaya casual – yang dimaksud adalah cowok yang gak terlalu peduli dengan fashion tapi tahu bagaimana cara memakai pakaian supaya terlihat nice. Dengan kata lain yang gak terlalu meneriakkan kata “fashion”!

Salah satu trend koleksi yang bisa menjadi inspirasi cowok modern tapi gak mau terlihat (terlalu) metroseksual adalah Carven Spring Summer 2015 Menswear Collection.

Guillaume Henry sebagai desainer Carven membawa gaya French guy yang carefree tapi full of attitude. So, siap siap hunting guys!!

Kombinasi style tidak berfokus pada “aksi tumpuk” ala European streetwear seperti biasanya. Fokus pada satu key item saja cukup, seperti coat ataupun sweater untuk outerwear.

Palet warna ala Parisian chic begitu memegang peranan dalam koleksi musim semi 2015 ini Warna hitam, putih, abu abu hinga navy blue yang dituangkan dalam motif color blocking ataupun single color menunjukan typical cowo yang cuma butuh waktu 2 menit untuk memilih pakaian.

Unsur sporty tampaknya akan menjadi trend di spring summer 2015 nantinya. Kombinasi blazer dengan sporty trousers serta birkinstock ala Carven, jatuhnya sangat terlihat pas. Aksen sporty juga terlihat pada kombinasi celana boxer dengan v-neck shirt yang modern.

Sementara pada jacket, Carven bermain dengan aksen oversized pada lengan dan zipper sebagai detail pemanis. Sentuh print pada bomber jacket memberikan sedikit napas pada canvas hitam putih ini.

Tidak membutuhkan banyak waktu untuk cowok dalam memilih outfit of the day. Cukup pakai sweater atau jacket yang simple, padukan atasan dan bawahan dengan warna hitam-putih, and voila! It’s not just because black and white could save your day, it also could make your hair cut look more expensive!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M Collection Lookbook

Finally! The most anticipated collaboration this year: Alexander Wang and H&M just revealing a complete lookbook. Which is bringing us more closer to the big day until hit the stores on November 6.

Hands down for H&M to make (another) cool collaboration. It’s perfect actually this year’s collaboration, because Alexander Wang and H&M have something in common, that’s urban streetwear.

The collection (we can) called Sporty Wangomaniait’s extremely sporty. With hints of Wang’s eponymous collection past, the giant logos he showed for spring 2014 (the embossed sweater is a must-have), the “urban survival” gear that dominated fall 2014, and the motocross motifs from spring 2012.

The collection of Alexander Wang and H&M will hit 240 H&M stores and hm.com/id on Nov 6. Select pieces will also be available on alexanderwang.com. So you better start saving now and let’s pin and pick what you want below.

I mark my favorite with "thumb up" pin.

Friday, October 17, 2014

SHOPPING GUIDE : Chanel Golden Sneakers Fall Winter 2014

Yesterday was amazing! I went to Chanel store at Plaza Indonesia and found these super duper fantastic golden sneakers. I think I have a crush with a piece of “gold” check my another gold thang.

Seems like every designers embrace the sneakers trends, Chanel came up with something daring! Put your high top golden Chanel sneakers and running like a Flash. These shoes are available now at Chanel store Plaza Indonesia.

What do you guys think about these Chanel sneakers? Let me know.

Plaza Indonesia Level 1 # 128
Tel. (62 21) 2992 4023
Jl. M. H. Thamrin kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350, Indonesia
Opening hours : 10 AM - 10 PM 

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Burberry is for The Rest of My Life

I'm always easy to falling in love... with Burberry outerwear. The romance, the feeling, the mood (basically) just caught me in the moment. Usually I'm wearing a coat just for a night time, especially if i go for a romantic dinner - just like one of those Kate Hudson type of movie (haha).

Anyway for a daylight, i paired the classic honey Burberry trench coat with a loose tshirt and short jeans - to maintain the air circulation (it's almost 30 degrees in here) and of course to give an effortless style. And I've learned something today, wear what you want to wear, no matter the time, because what are you saving for?

[ Ph. _Rainblue_ ]

Trench Coat : Burberry || Short Jeans : GAP || Sneakers : Zara || Eyewear : Ray-Ban