Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Companion - Burberry Me Time

My perfect Sunday is spending my time wearing a Burberry outerwear. By outerwear i mean, it can be a jacket (of course MY SIGNATURE), sweater, or the classic Burberry Trench Coat.

Have a good day, Jacketeers!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Versace Military Jacket - My Personal Orgasm

It's a great feeling in the world when you know what kinda jacket that fits you. Just like my all time favorite Versace Military Jacket from fall 2010 collection. It simply describe who i am!

Strong. Edgy. Even i think it's a little bit sexy (WHAT?! Haha). Well, in the other word, great jacket could give you confident. If it doesn't, maybe you pick the wrong one.

Anyway my TIPS for you guys, who'd like to wearing military jacket is... better to pick the fitted size, instead to choose a snuggy fit. It will give you strong, edgy, even sexy look that I'm talking about.

p.s. I would like to see you guys in your favorite all time jacket, send me a photo of yours to, and you'll see what happen ;)

[ Ph. _Rainblue_ ]
Military Jacket : Versace || Ripped Jeans : Vintage || Boots : Zara


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


If you wonder what the heck is Skivvy? Haha. Today is your lucky day. Skivvy in Australian is a garment—usually a sweater—with a close-fitting, round, and high collar that folds over and covers the neck. *Rise eyebrow* Okay! I hate to make you guys thinking. It's Turtleneck.

I've picked the navy blue turtleneck from Zara with the military touch, as you can see the golden button is the statement. I've paired it with lousy black ripped jeans, to make the look more easy.

[ Ph. _Rainblue_ ]

Turtleneck : Zara || Ripped Jeans : Vintage || Boots : Zara

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scarf Face

Do you think it's too much? For me, NO! Hahaha.

Let me defense myself. It's a statement pieces for a daily look. Put you daily basic tees, match the color (personally i wouldn't), and wrap it up! Make sure you pick the fringe to have an extra details. Aye??

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day of Work

Our street style look of the day is this guy wearing grey tailored outfits. It's now appropriate for you to wearing your office-meeting look and hit the day light. And i guess it's #TieTuesday is the appropriate day!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

White Shoes and The Couple Company

It's a tough call! 'tween Converse Maison Martin Margiela vs White Supra. O GOD! Which one? or should i buy both of 'em?

Style it up your white shoes with an easy pair of jeans, keep it simple, and enjoy the heat outside.

*still can't decide*

Monday, July 28, 2014

Versace Military Jacket #throwbackmonday

It's unbelievable! I mean the miracle happened. Just a month a go i was wandering about how am i gonna get $2,7** for Versace military jacket? I look my saving and i was like, "huh almost there!"

So as a solution, I found some kick ass job to support this "Versace Mission". And voila!! Today the mission accomplished. I feel like all the hard work, all the crazy nerves wrecking work had been paid now.

It's a good thing (GREAT thing) you choose to never give up, specially you have some goal. All i can say now, "the rest is history." Take a sneak peak of my collection.

This golden military jacket is from Versace fall winter 2011 women show, the first time i saw it, my heart beat faster - i knew i want this. And when i bought it, surprisingly it fits me well!!

Tips: when you buy a military jacket, make sure you pick the waist cut, because you don't want to look like a semi coat that look not tight (in case better you choose the military coat than jacket). The waist cut will give a nice proportion for your body.

In the end, i can't wait to style this up.

Happy holiday Jacketeers!